Technique: Watercolor [Prang] over India Ink

---Sketchbook entries of Cynthia Padilla

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Anonymous said...

Oma3 said...
I love your light touch on this Cynthia... very lovely.

Cynthia Padilla said...
Thanks Oma, there is indeed great value in restraint, yes?

Cecelia said...
Very nice. Sometimes I liked the Prang watercolors even better than my expensive Winsor Newtons! And great for students. Reasonable price. The color seems to hold up over the years, too.

Possum Patty said...
Lovely flowers and butterflies. It's been a long time since I've used the Prang...using the small Winsor Newton case now and I do love it! But something old can be new again...I'll have to give them a try.