'Cynthia is a wonderful teacher. Always positive, uplifting and in great spirits.'-- Sandy L., Instructor, Advanced Drawing, El Centro College, Dallas, TX.
'I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your art classes. They were the first classes I had ever taken and I was amazed that I could actually draw anything.' --Joyce B.

“The first real class I ever had where I learned something.” --Pam N., Tulsa, OK

"No matter what else I ever do in life that trip trip to Antigua, Guatemala to take your 10 day painting workshop will always be one of the best things I ever did. It was just wonderful."--Gay D, Humble TX. 2007 Documenting Tropical Flora & Fauna

“If you get the chance to be at these classes -- GO! Going to Cynthia’s class was an amazing experience and she's a great teacher/person to be around! The atmosphere is very relaxed yet structured. I can't wait to have the chance to take another class from her." --Jill C., MO. http://mapleleafartistry.blogspot.com/

“Thanks for all your learned instruction. I didn't expect to like using pastels...and now I do. You opened the door of discovery to a new medium for me.”- Sally R. http://www.sallyaroberts.com/

"Cynthia Padilla, the botanical artist, teacher posted an invitation to to try out for a juried art show at Powell Gardens, just outside Kansas City, Missouri. To my surprise, I got in!! Thank you Cynthia and friends for your encouragement and the honor of being in my first show as a painter with such wonderful and talented people!" [The set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mweltephoto/sets/72157594513019085/ ] --Malinda W., KS.

"We at SAIL are so blessed to have you as an instructor. Because of your talent, skill, and teaching ability, I've advanced in my drawing skills more than I could ever imagine. And you've given me the confidence to continue to learn and experiment, both beyond my skill level and my present knowledge of the types of media."--Sally R., TX.

'Taking the Botanical Illustration course from Cynthia Padilla at SMU Continuing Ed was a great experience. Her love of her subject is evident .She brings not only her background in botanical art but teaches the student to see ,keep an open mind and view the world around us in a new way.'-- Judith G. L

“I took several classes from Cynthia Padilla at Collin County College in Plano, Tx and loved every minute of them. Her enthusiasm and her love of nature comes through her to you. My drawing improved immensely. Rating 5 stars.” --Cecille P.

“For the very first time, we had requests to continue a class. And even after being granted 4 more sessions, the students then continued to meet informally, and on their own, through the Texas summer. Cynthia Padilla’s classes fill to capacity every session, often the same students signing up for her every offering.”--Jean Martin, SAIL Secretary (Seniors Active in Learning) at Collin County Community College, Plano, TX.

"We had a lot of people sign up for the Botanical Arts Workshops after hanging Cynthia's exhibit, although a few (students) were nervous that they didn't know how to do it. I had to remind them that, is why they are taking the class."-- Greg Harmison, Program Manager, Mercer Arboretum & Botanic Gardens, Humble, TX.

“What one sees is the summation in visual form of sustained close and precise looking, the translation of the duration of observation and rendering into the simultaneity of presentation, of presentness, in a manner that casual looking would not disclose. That is not a small thing.”-- David Newman, Curator, 'In the Details: The Botanical Illustrations of Cynthia Padilla.'

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